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When dining out, menu selection can be complicated and restaurant waiting times annoying. Chuzeat is the AI app that helps you choose and saves you time. The Our intelligent service, in fact, self-learns your preferences and helps you choose the dishes you really like and that respond to your eating habits. And if you want to be inspired, for Chuzeat every wish is an order!


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Chuzeat is a real eat-out advisor because it innovates and optimizes your personal restaurant experience.
Set your profile in the App at any time, change your preferences and activate the filters according to your needs: allergies and intolerances, type of cuisine, foods that you prefer to eat or that you really don't like.

A taste of what awaits you

Create your food profile

Allergies and intolerances

How annoying it is to eat outside the home when you have allergies or intolerances or when you follow a particular diet and you have to be careful about what you order!

Create your food profile, enter the foods you can't eat and those you don't like: wherever you go, Chuzeat will show you only the dishes you can and want to order!

Gestisci lista d'attesa ristorante

Lista d'attesa

Il tuo ristorante preferito è pieno? No problem! Mostra il tuo QR Code alla cassa e chiedi di entrare in lista d’attesa. Chuzeat ti aggiorna costantemente sui tempi di attesa stimati e notifica quando il tavolo è pronto. E se proprio non ti va di aspettare, puoi cancellare la prenotazione in qualsiasi momento direttamente dal tuo smartphone.

Configure your table

QR Code

Scan the QRCode you find at your table to activate and configure it. If you are in company, invite the other diners to connect with you; interact, you can see their orders and maybe get inspired!


Order for yourself and for others

Manage Order
for Someone Else

Hai portato i tuoi bimbi fuori a pranzo o ci sono degli imprevisti con gli smartphone dei tuoi amici? Chuzeat ha pensato anche a questo!

Proceed regularly to your order, choosing from your personalized menu, and then order for someone else too. Our smart system will help you.

Manage priorities

Order of arrival of the dishes

Have you ordered several courses and don't want to run the risk of them all arriving at the same time? Prioritize and choose what to bring first by simply selecting the dishes you want right away.

Manage payments

Split the bill however you want

The bill is high and you only want to pay yours? Is this a special occasion and have you decided to offer it to everyone? Better to divide in the Roman style (by head) and keep the friendship? Nothing easier. Just one click to set the type of payment.

Payment options

Do you prefer to pay in the app or at the cashier? With Chuzeat, you choose. To pay in the App, just select your preferred payment method and continue. If, on the other hand, you are a traditionalist, go to the cashier to pay. Simple, isn't it?

Secure payments

Set up one or more payment methods, adding your credit cards to the app in total safety. Choose the default payment method and change it whenever you want. With Chuzeat your data is always safe and you can order with complete peace of mind.

Tell your experience


Your opinion matters! Review the dishes you have tasted, tell about your food experience and if you like, interact with the restaurateur!

We speak your language


Chuzeat speaks many languages so that there are no access barriers to using the app and anyone can enjoy their eat-out advisor, wherever they are. Set the default language on your device and order without worries!

Trust the intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The heart of the Chuzeat App is an artificial intelligence system that learns from you. All your data about preferences and allergies or intolerances are self-learned by our algorithm, reworked and translated into personalized menu proposals to accurately interpret your needs and your food desires and offer you a safe, reliable and absolutely unique solution.

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