Operative program Campania 2014-2020

Priority Axis 1 ‘Research and Innovation’

Specific Objective 1.1 - Increased business innovation activity
Public notice ‘Campania Start up 2020’
CUP B88I190003900077

The Campania Region, thanks also to the co-financing of the European Union and the Italian State, has invested in the creation and consolidation of innovative startups through the Public Notice 'Campania Start Up 2020', implementing Action '1.1.3 Support for the economic valorisation of innovation through experimentation and the adoption of innovative solutions in the processes, in the products of the POR CAMPANIA FESR 2014 - 2020.
The Chuzeat project of Foodea Lab is among the beneficiaries. Chuzeat is an innovative platform for restaurants that speeds up and considerably improves the experience of customers alone or in company, in choosing, ordering and paying for what they consume, using their smartphone. Chuzeat allows customers to respect their dietary needs both related to pathologies or allergies, and to lifestyle choices (religious beliefs, diets, etc.). With Chuzeat, thanks to the saving of time for ordering and payment, restaurants can serve a greater number of customers, obtain confidential and reliable feedback that helps them in the choice of menus and in the preparation and offer of dishes and avoid voluntary errors and unintentional in ordering. The platform is innovative for the use it makes of digital tools and AI systems, machine learning and big data.
The project aims to enhance:

  • The developed algorithms that allow to satisfy both the needs of restaurateurs and those of their customers
  • QuID© a digital table marker that continuously generates QR codes and allows the customer to access the cloud service, makes activation of the tables and protects against the risk of fraud. The generated QR codes cannot be copied, photographed or used outside the venue.

Complementing these capabilities with:
  • Increased Chuzeat ability to integrate with the main SWs normally used by restaurants for CRM and administrative obligations;
  • Translate the system into additional languages and/or optimize existing translations with native-speaking experts;
  • Create an App for the restaurant, if the customer wants to order in the traditional way;
  • Possibility to remotely book both the table and the meal to take away;
  • Development of versions in various languages to be marketed abroad that take into account local legislation and food habits and customs.

The project is currently in progress.