wealth is not
everything in life

In a globalized and increasingly interconnected market, there can be no real wealth without sharing one's successes. Through Chuzeat App we want to recreate a sort of gift economy in which we take on the moral commitment to give back part of what we have received, in order to bring greater balance into the social fabric by generating wealth and well-being where it is absent.

How to share it

In fact, every year 10% of the profits from Chuzeat will be donated to 3 charity projects. Each year, our stakeholders will identify the 3 beneficial projects to which to allocate the proceeds and with a view to sharing and disseminating "doing well" in the social field, final consumers will also be involved in charity projects.

Each user can choose the project to which to allocate their vote and 10% of the profit will be devolved in proportion to the votes received by each project.