Easy and efficient

  • More than one smartphone connected from the same table? You always get one aggregated order per table.
  • Precise and flexible orders, as trained waitstaff would do!
  • Automatic printing of the order, divided into the different preparation points
  • Self-order, ask for waitstaff help... or both ! Maximum flexibility
  • Waiters can integrate orders at any time or take the orders directly from customers

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Intuitive and efficient

Interactive and smart menu

  • Free and intuitive menu management, from tablet
  • The platform AI suggests recipes, ingredients and allergens
  • Multi-menu :organizing menus on the calendar, customers will always open the correct one, at any time
  • Multi-language : Chuzeat speaks all European languages, Russian and Chinese
  • Limited availability? When the last serving has been ordered, the dish checks off the list automatically
  • Customizable with photos and videos

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Payment management

Bill splitting

Customers decide how to split the bill: «Equal parts», «I'll pay for mine»,« I'll pay for everyone» . And they choose to pay via app or at the cashier. No wasted time!


Chuzeat reminds the customer to leave a tip, and saves the last checked option. +30% tips increase!

Safe payments

Customer can add credit cards to swipe-pay. Payments and data are safe!

Flexible and Easy

Let your customers free to choose!

Is it compulsory for customers to download the app? Not at all! They can order and pay from the web app (PWA).

But using the Chuzeat app offers many advantages to the customer:

  • A saved personal profile with preferences, tastes and dietary needs;
  • Filters to scan menus and identify correctly and safely what to eat;
  • Saved payments options

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Unique technology

Guaranteed security with the QuID

Our patented Dynamic QR Code Technology eliminates the risk of getting fake orders from people not in your premises.
One QR Code to both order and pay.

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How's the business going?

  • Clear and intuitive analytics.
  • Know your most and least loved dishes.
  • Identify your recurrent customers.
  • Monitor the served seats at any time.
  • Plan the work in the kitchen.

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Real Reviews

To know is to improve

Chuzeat reviews are:

  • Real because customer review only the dishes they eat.
  • Private, they are a key factor to know how much a dish is liked.
  • Precise because they are related to each dish, and to the overall service.
  • Interactive because you can reply to the customer with a message.
  • Useful, because you can make amends with a client that has left a bad review a negative review, for example by offering a discount.

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